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Valley Corp Solutions

HLS - Home Land Security

Due to terrorism, criminal activities and cyber-attacks, there is a growing demand for technological solutions to increase security which help predict, prepare, and respond to threats.
Valley provides governments, municipalities and commercial organizations advanced solutions for protecting people and their assets, increase public safety and predict terror and crime through smart integrated and analytical solutions.

Safe City

Safe City solutions enable municipal authorities, emergency services and law enforcement agencies to reduce crime, urban violence and terror threats. The solutions include many types of sensors, communications networks, traffic control systems, public transportation safety solutions and setting up regional and central intelligent command and control centers. 


VALLEY MEDICAL is a highly experienced healthcare company operating in today’s worldwide market. For over twenty five years, the company has successfully undertaken projects of all sizes and levels of complexity and has completed in excess of 400 healthcare contracts in more than 35 countries. Our services have ranged from the design and provision of mobile clinics through to the development of large general hospitals.
VALLEY MEDICAL offers a unique range of capabilities including:
- Healthcare Consultancy
- Market Surveys and Business Case Studies
- Finance, Design and Construction of Health Facilities
- Medical Equipping
- Commissioning
- Education and Training
- Operational Management

These services can be offered individually or combined to provide turnkey and total healthcare solutions.


Valley Construction has been the name behind countless project success stories. Our expertise includes Universities, Schools, federal facilities, Healthcare facilities, industrial facilities, Private housing, Mass housing, technology buildings and office buildings.

Regardless of the size, value or location of our projects, we bring the same commitment to quality and customer service that has carried us since we began building excellence in 1982.

Our team has extensive experience with schools, office buildings, and worship spaces to fulfill any construction needs, whether that be an addition, restoration or new construction.

We bring the "down to earth" approach that client's appreciate, coupled with the wealth of experience and know-how that comes from being an industry leader. Please review some our project successes displayed below.

Technology Incubation

In many countries, incubation programs are funded by regional or national governments as part of an overall economic development strategy. Valley established a business relationship with Major cities worldwide for establishing start-up activities in cross country incubators. At the heart of a technology incubation program is the financing & services it provides to startup companies through facilities, management and shared infrastructure.

Artha Investments

Artha Investments, provides "Corporate and Investment Banking" Advice and expertise focused on the clients goals every day, they work with companies facing challenges and opportunities – from looking to expand into a new region or positioning a business for a value-creation opportunity. Artha guides and tailors solutions to help meet long-and short-term goals. Artha can help turn foreign markets into familiar territory or provide the due diligence to make an informed decision about acquisitions.


Hydropower is renewable, clean, reliable, flexible and produces cheap energy for generation after generation.
Hydropower is an environmental friendly and renewable energy source. 99% of all power production in Norway comes from hydropower. On a global basis 1/6 of the power produced comes from hydropower.
We collaborate with worlds leading solution providers to meet your smallest to largest requirements.

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